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To get a Software Activation Key, please fill out the form below. Please read the important notes below carefully.

(This user registration form is only applicable for the users who bought RaceMate after January 2004)

Important note:

Status Checksum is unique for each computer. The Software Activation Key that you will get can only be used in the computer with the Status Checksum that you enter into the form below. If you want to install your RaceMate into another computer, please do NOT push the CONFIRM key in the form below. You must run the RaceMate setup program again in the right computer in order to get the Status Checksum of that computer and fill out the form below with the new Status Checksum to get a correct Activation Key.

In case you want to install your RaceMate into another computer AFTER you have already got an Activation Key, you must:

  1. activate your existing installation of RaceMate with the Activation Key before moving to another computer
  2. follow the steps in the chapter about "moving RaceMate license to another computer" in your RaceMate user manual to transfer your RaceMate license. The steps can also be found in the RaceMate online help.

Registration Form:
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*Status Checksum:
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