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Got a headache in managing all those bulky, unorganized whilst very important racing data?

Racemate relieves you from all the pain by providing the most up-to-date data you have longed to see for years. Armed with all these useful weapons, you can design freely your own data views for analyzing and evaluating.

For instance, on the declaration page (see below), you may specify the page to show 3 (or more) past records, running comments by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, personal notes, 28-day trackwork statistics and other criteria. Apart from that, powered by RaceMate's MCL (Model Construction Language) function, the software allows users to create different data models to predict race results, display specific data, perform calculation, or generate betting indexes, etc.

There are numerous built-in columns to choose, e.g., 18 or 28-day grass barrier trial counts, starters' "average rating", "bleeding" history, etc. Besides, you can choose our Model Construction Language (MCL) to determine any racing criterion you can think of.

For example:

  • To show starters possessed by the same owner:

Furthermore, filter function also helps focus on racing's critical aspects to save your valuable time and efforts.